The art of mehndi, otherwise known as a Henna tattoos, is achieved by painting the skin with a green paste made from crushed henna leaves and oils. The paste is allowed to dry and remain on the skin for an hour or two -- or more. When you let the Henna flake off your skin naturally as it dries you will see a light orange stain. That light orange color will oxidize and become darker over the next 24 to 48 hours, until it is a rich red-brown shade.

FairyDust Faces specializes in 'traditional Henna' designs comprised of floral and leaf motifs, as well as geometric patterns, although we have a full selection of contemporary designs too. The Henna FairyDust Faces uses is natural brown Henna. Our product contains NO chemical dyes, preservatives or additives and is generally safe for use during pregnancy and with children. Your freehand, one-of-a-kind Henna tattoo will last from a week to three, depending on your body chemistry and how you care for your body art.

Henna is NOT black! 'Black henna' may have dangerous dyes or chemicals added that can cause permanent scarring and damage. If you are looking for a longer lasting black tattoo consider one of our Temporary Tattoos

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Face Painting

We delight in making your guests sparkle with enjoyment! Our designs range from full-face fantasy monsters, fairys to super heroes and butterflys. Our professional grade paint rinses away easily and is water-soluble, making our paints ideal for children's sensitive skin. While we specialize in full face designs we can easily accommodate children who are trying it for the first time with cheek or hand art. Face Painting is a crowd pleaser, and it works well with the flow of any celebration as it can be done in conjunction with other party activities.

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Sweat-Proof, Rain-Proof Air Brush Face Painting

FairyDust Faces newest service launched with Florida's hot, humid summers in mind but also perfect for pool parties any time of year! Using a combination of free-hand work and stencils specialty formulated hybrid makeup is professionaly applied with an airbrush. Fast, efficient and fabulous the makeup is sweat-resistant, rain-resistant and pool party friendly, yet comes off easily with soap and water.

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Airbrush Tattoos

Professional airbrush guns turn your selected design into a unique one-of-a-kind work of art. Choose to have shimmer powders applied on top for a multi-dimensional look! Airbrush tattoos have all the 'wow' and vibrant coloring of a real tattoo -- without the pain and time associated with traditional tattooing! perfect for hot summer days!

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Glitter Tattoos

The "Bling" is the thing! Glitter Tattoos are perfect for several days of 'wow' or at your next pool party!

Water-resistant Glitter Tattoos are applied either by using a 'sticky back' stencil or 'freehand' brush work. After application of a body-safe adhesive we add one or more colors of glitter, and "ta-da," you are modeling a piece of body art as unique as you are!

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